SunSoul’s innovative solutions to skin well-being respond to the growing focus on natural therapies and healthy lifestyle worldwide.
Today’s enlightened consumer wants quality alternatives to conventional drug-based treatments, and costly, time-consuming medical procedures.
SunSoul’s advanced patent-pending technology offers clients natural, effective solutions to their skin concerns – aging skin, sun-damaged skin, acne blemished skin – while supporting a healthy, active lifestyle

SunSoul has been featured on Dr. Phil, Rachael Ray, and the Doctors.  All three episodes were focused on sun protective clothing, sun protection, protection from UV rays and sun safety. 
SunSoul’s clothing offers UPF (or SPF) of 50+.  This is the highest safety rating for sun protection, and sun protective clothing, available. 
SunSoul is endorsed by leading dermatologists looking to give their clients sun protection while also transmitting beneficial light. 
SunSoul’s sun protection clothing is a first to offer UV protection but also transmit healthy colored light.